Kenya Mission Trip 2016

On the 19th of September a team of 6 from The Lakes Vineyard Church are heading out to Nakuru, Kenya.

Some of the aims of the trip

  1. To help in practical ways e.g. painting in the orphanage.
  2. To encourage
  3. To inspire
  4. To share skills
  5. To create awareness of the work

Mainly our fundraising efforts will be to raise the necessary funds to allow the Orphanage to have a new floor laid. The job will be given to a local tiler, thus creating work for a local tradesman and also allowing the orphanage to be more adequately equipped for the children who live there.

We are hoping to raise £5000.

An overview of Faith Victory Centre

Faith Victory Centre is pastored by Bishop Meshach. He is our point of contact, and we will be working with him directly when we arrive in Nakuru.

Our Church

Our church Faith Victory Centre cerebrates 21 years on September 25th.

We have 13 branches in Kenya, which includes our two churches in Nakuru town.

As a result of violence in 2008, we had to move to a new location and we are currently raising funds to put floor tiles in our new church.

Our vision is to bring people to victorious living through the teaching of the Bible.

Our priorities are:

  1. school for the needy children,
  2. feeding people at the local dump site
  3. Caring for orphans.

Faith Victory Centre


The home was started, as an outreach project of our church, Faith Victory Centre in November 2006 to cater for AIDS orphans within the region of Nakuru and beyond. Faith Victory Centre is a church based in Nakuru, Kenya.Due to the high prevalence of AIDS, there are so many orphans (estimated 2 million) in Kenya left in abject poverty since they are left under the care of their extended family who are too poor to support them along side their own children.Others are left with grandparents who are too old and ailing. As a result of this, many orphans end up on the streets, others are used as child labour and many are abused.Faith Victory Centre, therefore exists to care for orphans and abandoned children by providing a home where they can be fed, loved, clothed and educated.The home has 15 presently though we have had up to 40 children in the past. Ages range from 5 years to 15 yearsSome of the children who have been with us have jobs and are taking care of themselves.With the extension of facilities, the home has a capacity of 60 children.



To wipe the tears of orphans and vulnerable children, give back a smile and future through care, love, education and the Word of God.


Is to be a family that cares for orphans and destitute by giving them hope and a future. To help the orphans achieve the dream which their parents intended for them, and to give a voice to the voiceless through advocacy.


General Objectives:

  1.  Restore the children’s spirit, soul and body and give them a purpose to live through love, care and education.
  2. Restore self-esteem and to overcome rejection.
  3. Empower them academically by sending them to school.  
  4. Relationship (orphans)– Giving their living relatives an opportunity to build up relationship and mending them so that their children can be re-united with their families (integration).
  5. Working together with adoption agencies and looking for adoptive parents for the children.
  6. To give skills and knowledge to our children such as, sewing, knitting, mechanics, carpentry, farming etc.    


Our budget is intended to cover the following:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. School and college fees
  4. Medical fees
  5. Personnel

Details of the area and the population serves

The home is situated 20 miles (About 31 kilometers) west of Nakuru City in a village called Elmentaita.

It is built on a 4-acre piece of land on Kiambogo-Mitimingi-Gilgil junction

Elmentaita is a remote and dry area with a population of about 20,000 people.

The community comprises mainly of small-scale farmers and the main crop is maize (corn) and beans.

They keep a few livestock, mainly sheep and goats.

Management of the Home

The running of the home is overseen by a board of 8 members comprising of:

6 church leaders,

The head teacher of our local public school,  

A local government representative, who is a member of the district children office


Being registered with the government, we are required to do the following:

  1. Make returns every month.
  2. Be inspected by health officials every six months.
  3. Attend meetings organized by the local children office.
  4. Keep proper records both for incoming and outgoing children.


You can give via our mydonate page.

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