Hi my name is Aoife Elliott and I am a 21-year-old ‘missionary’ from Co. Fermanagh.  I currently live in a small village in Romania, working with homeless women and learning about God’s heart for restoration and what I have to do with that.

I joined the Lakes Vineyard in September/October 2011 while it was still a cosy little house group in John and Charlene’s living room. I was in my finishing my A Levels and deciding where to head to next. As I battled my way through big decisions and exams I got support and found a family in Lakes Vineyard.

After I finished school I took a Gap Year, which turned into more of a Gap Life. I began doing church work in the UK, and ended up working for a charity in Romania called NetWorks.

My first year in Romania (September 2013) I worked in a community centre in the city where I helped in a kindergarten, homework and creative clubs and helped families invest in their children.

In August 2014 I began working in the “Mum’s and Babies” sheltered house where we have space for 6 homeless women and their children to live and join our 18-month reintegration program. We currently have one mother and baby living with us, and are meeting regularly with many others. Unfortunately the attraction of ‘street life’ is, to them, so appealing, that leaving or ‘escaping’ is a big, difficult step to make. Hopefully over time, more and more women will find freedom and restoration through Christ.

Prayer Requests:
-The woman and Child living with us
-Focusing on God: I am learning more and more about my Father in heaven and how he fits into this messy world, and how much I need him sustaining me. Please pray that I keep my eyes fixed on him and find rest in him
-My relationship: My boyfriend is also living in Romania, running the equivalent home for young men and together we’re finding out what it means to do ‘mission’ abroad and date at the same time.

If you are interested in supporting Aoife then please visit our giving page and reference any donation Aoife.   All donations will be forwarded to Aoife.

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